submersible wires cablesSubmersible cables require special safety parameters. ELECON flexible cables offer you a safe, reliable, fire-retardant, fire-resistant, lead-free, non-toxic cable that is environment-friendly. The submersible flat cables are mainly used in pump connection. Though they are mainly used to supply power to pumps, they are also used in industrial applications.

Flat cables for Submersible Pumps & Motors

Three core flat PVC insulated industrial grade cable for submersible use, 1.1kv as per IS:694

Available in- 3 core with Sizes 1.5 to 16 sq. mm and for above size on request

Detail Feature:

  • 101% copper conductivity, 99.95% pure bare copper conductor
  • Excellent Flexibility of cable
  • The sheeting material of flat cables provides superior mechanical strength without losing its flexibility
  • Superior protection for human safety
  • Conductor – Annealed plain copper, uniformly bunched to form a circular shape.