Cables Corporation Co. is committed to protect and conserve the environment in and around its plant.

For achieving this, Cable Corporation Co. will:

  1. Comply with the applicable laws and regulations and other requirements.
  2. Implement the Environment Management System as per ISO 14001:2004 standard.
  3. Create awareness amongst all employees and associates for a clean, green and safe environment.
  4. The company is committed to prevent pollution.
  5. Continually improve the environment performance.
  6. Keep updated on the latest developments and educate all its key personnel on the environment related issues.
  7. Make the environment policy available to the general public.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Cables Corporation Co. is committed to optimize the use of energy in all its manufacturing and allied activities.

To achieve the above, the organization is committed to:

  1. make continual improvements in energy efficiency.
  2. provide information and resources to set and achieve energy objectives and energy targets.
  3. comply with the applicable legal and other requirements relating to its energy aspects.
  4. create awareness of the contents of this policy amongst all employees, internal and external parties and general public.
  5. comply with the requirements of ISO 16001:2009.