Elecon is a leading company in the Wires & Cables industry with a glorious track record of over 3 decades. At Elecon, we believe that our competitive edge lies in product innovation as well as superior quality and ready availability. Our manufacturing facilities were created to address these specific needs. Our manufacturing set-up is state-of-the art, from world renowned suppliers of machinery and technology.

In order to maintain our brand that would serve its customers every minute of their lives, we have broadened our portfolio. We are confident that in years to come, we will be even closer to its customers Touching them Helping them Enrich their lives and will be reputed International class manufacturer and the leader in Wires & Cables with quality, productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction which will also boost our turnover in multiple folds in years to come because at Cable Corporation Co. we derive our strengths from our customers.

Our Mission

Long lasting relationships & trust with our customers’ satisfaction. Responsibly make highest quality products for an everlasting business network.

Our Vision

To uphold highest ethical standards. Create a culture that supports Customers trust in ELECON.

Quality Policy

Cables Corporation aims to enhance Customer Satisfaction by consistently meeting the needs and expectations related to product and services. The company will strive for making Continual Improvements enabling achievement of Excellence at all levels and Strengthening the Quality Management System (QMS).