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Elecon is a leading company in the Wires & Cables industry with a glorious track record of over 3 decades. At Elecon, we believe that our competitive edge lies in product innovation as well as superior quality and ready availability.

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House Wiring Cables

FR, FRLS & HR grade wires are manufactured using high grade raw material and sophisticated technology for superior quality.

Multicore Flexible Cables

Multicore Flexible Cables

Flexible & Cord Cables for all electrically operated Machines & Equipments like Air-Conditioners/ Refrigerators/ motors etc.

Submersible Cables

Submersible Cables

ELECON Submersible cables offer you a safe, reliable, fire-retardant, fire-resistant, lead-free, non-toxic cable that is environment-friendly.

Best for my Family

Even my electrician said that I've made the best choice for my home safety from electrical faults.

Kuldeep Singh (Customer)

My customers believe in me

There has never been any complaint in 15 years since I started selling Elecon wires & cables.

Abhishek Gupta (Dealer)

One right decision is all it takes!

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